2019-2020 Officers

Dane Jackson, President
Minister of Students                         
                                                Providence Baptist Church                                                      

Charlotte, NC

Marnie Fisher-Ingram, President-Elect
Pastor for Youth and Their Families
River Road Church, Baptist
Richmond, VA

Megan Doud, Past President
Associate Minister in Student Ministries                                              Aiken's First Baptist Church
Aiken, SC

Ben Brown, Membership Coordinator
Minister of Students                                                                        Second Baptist Church 
Richmond, VA

Melissa Scott, Community Coordinator
Associate Pastor
Colonial Avenue Baptist Church
Roanoke, VA

Amy Brown, Resource Coordinator
Minister to Students
First Baptist Church                                                                    Anderson, SC

Daniel Potter, Treasurer
Minister to Students
First Baptist Church
Columbus, GA

Meagan Smith, At-large Member

Director of Youth Programming                                                    Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries                                                    

New York, NY

Bryce Williams, At-large Member
Minister of Students                                                                          First Baptist Church of Easley
Easley, SC

Chris Hughes, At-large Member
Youth Minister                                                                                        Christ Church United Methodist
Louisville, KY

Josh Speight, Ex Officio
Manager of Leadership Development
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Atlanta, GA

David Burroughs, Ex Officio
President of Passport Camps                                                      Birmingham, AL

Devita Parnell, Ex Officio
Young Baptist Ecosystem Manager
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Atlanta, GA

Zeke Stephenson, Communications Assistant
Associate Pastor of Youth and their Families
First Baptist Church
Orangeburg, SC

Job Descriptions are taken from our Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 4: Duties 

4:1 – Executive Board – The Executive Board will be responsible to develop the CBF Youth 

Ministry Network’s annual budget, establish and oversee any needed committees to conduct the work of the CBF Youth Ministry Network, and to set the general priorities, activity, and events of the CBF Youth Ministry Network.

4:2 – Individual officers

President – The President shall set the agenda for and preside at general meetings and give leadership to the Executive Board, coordinate national event planning and shall serve as the official representative of the CBF Youth Ministry Network.

President Elect – The President Elect shall assist the President in coordination of national events, and shall act as the organization’s secretary at all general meetings and Executive Board meetings and shall present the minutes to the board within two weeks of any said meeting.  The President Elect shall appoint a recorder at any board meeting where the President Elect is unable to be present.  The President Elect shall keep the history of the CBF Youth Ministry Network. The President Elect shall act, with full authority, as the President at any meeting where the President cannot attend.  

Membership Coordinator – The Membership Coordinator shall actively recruit membership and membership renewal of individuals and congregations. The Membership Coordinator shall also oversee the development of a certification process.

Resource Coordinator – The Resource Coordinator shall oversee the guidelines for and manage ministry partnerships.  The Resource Coordinator shall communicate at least quarterly to bring appropriate information back to the Executive Board concerning existing networks and potential for CBF-affiliated youth ministry networks.  This database should be made available to the membership of CBFYMN on the CBFYMN website. The Resource Coordinator shall develop and maintain a network of Youth Ministry coaching mentors to aid in the professional development of members.

The Resource Coordinator shall oversee the continued development of the organization’s Resource Bank in conjunction with the Communications Assistant and Technology Coordinator.

The Resource Coordinator will serve as the organization’s representative to the National Coordinating Council of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, or the Executive Board may appoint another representative.  The organization will provide a travel stipend for the Coordinating Council representative, should it be needed.

Technology Coordinator – The Technology Coordinator shall manage all communication platforms for the organization, with the help and oversight of the President and the Communications Assistant.  This communication shall include, but not be limited to: maintaining a website, managing several social media platforms, and distributing a monthly eNewsletter.  In addition, the Resources and Communications Coordinator.

Community Coordinator – The Community Coordinator shall oversee programs and initiatives that advocate for the organization’s members and for the general importance of youth ministry within CBF life.  The Community Coordinator shall oversee the creation of a support network to care for the organization’s members as appropriate and to offer pastoral care when needed. 

Treasurer - The Treasurer shall serve as the steward of the network’s finances, collecting dues, arranging for payment of authorized expenses, reporting financial information on a quarterly basis to the Executive Board, and prepare an annual financial report for the organization’s general meeting.

Communications Assistant - The Communications Assistant will be a part-time, paid position with hours and payment to be negotiated each year with the President, upon approval of the Executive Board. The Technology Coordinator will supervise this position. The Communications Assistant shall gather information and prepare a monthly newsletter, manage and post regularly on multiple social media platforms and work with the Technology Coordinator to develop new communication strategies for the network.

Section 5: Board Meetings – The Executive Board will meet at least twice a year, one physical meeting and one virtual meeting.  The President has the authority to call other meetings as needed.

Section 6: Removal – An officer can be removed from office for failure to fulfill his/her duties, after reasonable notice, by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Section 7: Vacancy – If a vacancy occurs on the Executive Board, the President shall appoint a CBF Youth Ministry Network member to fill the vacancy for the remainder of that officer’s term.

Executive Board

The following officers were elected to our Executive Board during our Annual Meeting. 

If you sense a calling to serve in one of these roles, check out the job descriptions.

Feel free to contact any of our Executive Board officers with any questions!
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