Top 11 Things You Need For Outdoor Youth Group

03 Nov 2020 2:56 PM | Anonymous member

Top 11 Things You Might Need for Outdoor Youth Group 

*This listed was compiled by members of the CBFYMN

1. Bluetooth speaker with microphone

Need music? No problem. Get a Bluetooth or portable speaker! You won’t regret this purchase, as it will be just as useful in post-pandemic life as it is now. Submitted by Marnie Fisher Ingram + Dane Jackson

2. Pool Noodles or Hula Hoops

Perfect for social distancing; pool noodles and hula hoops are two visual reminders for students of how far apart they need to stay from one another. Pool noodles are perfect for a game of socially distanced noodle tag, and if you need to kill some time, have your students do a hula-hooping contest. Submitted by Kaylee Godfrey

3. A few extra disposable masks

We’ve been doing this mask thing long enough now that having a few extra masks on hand isn’t too difficult. Whether a student has forgotten their masks at home, their own mask breaks while they’re at youth, or a student doesn’t have the support to buy a mask, it’s always a good idea to have extra. Submitted by Ali Chappell DeHay

4. BYO Water Bottle

Encouraging students to bring their own water bottle reduces waste and prevents unnecessary physical contact from passing out water. This is one of our must-haves for outdoor youth even when we AREN’T in the middle of a pandemic! Submitted by Mary Carol Anderson

5. Bingo Set

If you’ve got a competitive youth group, this is a great option! Bingo is an outdoor-friendly game, and is individual enough that it works while social distancing but allows for students to banter as a group, as well. Try pre-packing bingo cards and pieces before the event! Submitted by Marnie Fisher Ingram

6. Plastic Bags

Whether you’re packing up a bingo set in advance for your students, or filling them with Individually-wrapped treats for Halloween, these have been game-changers as we re-think how events must be done outdoors during COVID. Submitted by Brian Abel

7. Bug Spray

Those of us in the deep south know that the need for bug spray can extend far into fall. Try the extra-dry kind!  If you have an outdoor space at church that you use often, it’s worth seeing if you can purchase a mosquito zapper! Submitted by Tyler Johnson

8. Fire Pit

As we enter into the colder months, fire pits will prove to be wonderful tools to foster fellowship! Ask around your church to see who has a fire pit. Would they be willing to let you use their backyard? Maybe they have a fire pit that’s mobile and you could borrow it for your next event. Submitted by Sharon Kirkpatrick Felton + Ann Whitfield Carter

9. Inflatable Movie screen

Perfect for movies and wii sports, try an inflatable movie screen! If you’re on a tight budget, you can always use a good projector and a large white sheet. However, the inflatable screen is useful because it stands on its own! In the summer, you could even have a float-in movie by setting up the inflatable screen next to the pool. Submitted by Brittany Stillwell

10. Hot hands

Keeping hands warm will be a priority this winter! Hot hands have always been a go-to for football games and holiday parades, but now we have a whole new use for them as we strive to meet outdoors as much as possible. Submitted by Ali Chappell DeHay

11. Hand Sanitizer + Sanitizing Wipes

These two are certainly a must in this strange season of COVID-19. Want to make sure that you have these two things at all times? Pack a gallon bag with sanitizer and sanitizing wipes that you can keep in your car so you’re always ready. Submitted by Alyssa Aldape

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