COVID-19 Protocols

1.    Proof of vaccination. If you are eligible, please get your booster. You may bring a picture of your vaccination card or the actual card to show the Oasis check-in team upon arrival.

2.    The entire 7 days leading to Oasis, please monitor your symptoms and if you have any, please test yourself.

3.    If you have had a known exposure during the 7 days leading to Oasis, please test yourself.  (Tests can be hard to find in local stores, but are easily available from Amazon if you order now)

4.    Masks: We will provide 1 kn95 or n95 for you, and ask that you wear your mask at all times except when you are actively drinking or eating as required by Montreat Conference Center. As we are giving you 1 kn95/n95 mask, we encourage you to wear this style (feel free to bring extras). It has been proven more and more that we all need to upgrade the quality of our masks. You do not need to wear a mask in your bedroom.

5.    Meals: all meals will be served at Montreat. Should you want to take your meal outside or to your room, to-go boxes will be provided.

6.    We do not have plans to leave the Montreat Conference Center site as a group, in effect we are creating a bubble together. Please help us – if you go into town, please do outdoor activities. Outdoor seating is readily available and the county has a mask mandate that is actively in effect.

7.    Your room at Montreat will be thoroughly cleaned before your arrival, and housekeeping will not be coming into your room to change sheets or towels and tidy up. Also, the HVAC system in the lobbies, dining room, and hallways is an industrial system that provides outside air exchange, meaning you are constantly getting fresh air brought into those spaces.

8.    We will have rapid tests available during the retreat should you feel the need to test at any time.

If you feel like this is not the right time for you to attend, please email Zeke Stephenson at and he will work with you on canceling.

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